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Just in time for summer: Refreshing Craft Beer from Beer District Brewing!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

-Jim McGlasson, CraftBrewVegas June 10, 2021

Beer District craft beer

A recent drive downtown to Beer District Brewing was well worth it! I picked up a nice variety of their brews and headed home to give them a try.

Beer District's Hue Hefeweizen, an unfiltered wheat beer with notes of banana and clove, is a wonderfully thirst quenching, yeasty beer that would complement many foods, especially spicy dishes. With that in mind, I quickly whipped up a quick quesadilla made with Jalapeño Jack and a fiery green salsa. This beautifully flavored beer proved that it could tame the heat with its subtle malty sweetness and fruit and spice notes.

Beer District craft beer

Next up was Beer District's Las Hazy, a West Coast Hazy IPA with floral notes, a pop of citrus, and a smooth finish. It was a tasty complement to our semi-homemade supper of crunchy Cod Fish, salty french fries, creamy tartar sauce, and sweet and tangy cole slaw. (Trader Joe's oven ready breaded cod fillets are a great find! Baked with a crunchy Panko crust, the fish was tender and delicious, and super easy. Yummy with this Hazy IPA).

Las Hazy, with its milder hop flavor and less bitter finish than many West Coast Style IPAs, is a delightful beer to keep on hand, ice cold and ready to pour, all throughout the long, hot Vegas summer.

So, hop in the car and head downtown to visit Beer District Brewing. They are open for business and would love for you to stop in for a brew or two. Their patio is open and available for outdoor seating!

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