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Curbside Lunch with Chicago Brewing Company

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

-Jim McGlasson, CraftBrewVegas April 15, 2021.

Curbside Lunch with Chicago Brewing

Chicago Brewing Company located at 2201 Fort Apache Road, Las Vegas, NV 89117 is one of the five local brew pubs open for curbside service during the current pandemic.

Today, my wife, Linda and I decided to sample one of their pizza offerings and settled on the Windy City Supreme, available in either a thin crust or Chicago Deep Dish style.

We selected the thin crust and throughly enjoyed the Ground Beef, Mushrooms, Onions, Pepperoni, Peppers and Sausage generously topping the thin yet crispy crust. The Windy City is one of the best pizzas I've had during my thirty plus years living in Las Vegas! As a life long pizza lover, I would highly recommend this delicious pizza.

At the suggestion of our server, Jenny, we paired our pizza with a Growler of the Chicago Brewing Company Spring Fest , a light and refreshing lager with hints of orange peel and coriander, which we thoroughly enjoyed with our pizza. Spring Fest, is one of Chicago Brewing Company's seasonal offerings. Seasonal offerings like Spring Fest are produced in limited quantities and Chicago Brewing Company is unable to project how much longer this beer will be available. Spring Fest is the perfect beer to enjoy while sitting outdoors on a warm Vegas evening. If you want to sample this refreshing seasonal beer run, don't walk, to Chicago Brewing while supplies last... your taste buds will thank you!

Last evening after I posted this blog, our neighbors Ted and Gloria invited us to sit on their patio and enjoy some wine and cheese...observing all social distancing guidelines, but no face masks for obvious reasons. Our contribution to the evening was a selection of craft beers to share and Spring Fest was the star of the show! This is a wonderful light Lager, perfect for a warm evening out doors with friends. I certainly plan to keep some on hand as long as it available!

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