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Neon Desert CocoNillaCan, A Real Eye Opener! By Jack Bulavsky

For traditional beer drinkers familiar with wheat, barley and hops, a glass of Nevada Brewing Company's CocoNillaCan , Imperial Stout will be eye-opening. Neon Desert Brewing Company's (formerly Beer District Brewing) CocoNillaCan offers up a unique and complex profile for those brew fans, traditional or not, seeking something a bit off of the usual Imperial Stout path.

CocoNillaCan is one of our most popular beers and it’s always on tap,” said Jimmy Doyle, brew master and co-owner of Neon Desert Brewing. “Each batch has 40 pounds of pecans that we roast four times over four days, 40 pounds of toasted coconut, and some 200 vanilla beans imported from seven different countries. This imperial stout, with its chocolate aroma, is like drinking your favorite dessert, but with a kick. Its ABV is 10 percent!”

Since opening over two years ago, Neon Desert has made at created 100 craft beers with 20 of their best sellers on tap all of the time. Attracting locals in the know, nearly half of its customer base is tourists who are looking for fresh, crafted beers.

“What makes us different from other craft brewers is that we grow our own yeast for all of our batches,” said Doyle. “We get a five-gallon batch and grow it for 600 gallons. It takes more time, more manpower, and it costs more. Other breweries only have one or two yeasts for all their products. Thus, we always have a different yeast perfect for the specific beer we’re brewing.”

To make sure each brew is just right, Doyle keeps his original home brewery equipment nearby and always makes a one keg batch to test it. If it doesn’t taste right, he starts all over again.

“Craft brewers are always seeking out new tastes in their beer and are open to trying new things,” said Doyle. “We don’t go that far, but there are beers that taste like German Chocolate Cake or Mississippi Mud Cake.” One of Neon Desert Brewing's favorites is their Hue Hefeweizen, a classic German Hefeweizen that is light and refreshing with an aroma and flavor of banana and cloves. Then there is a Czech Pilsner, a BDB Oktoberfest golden lager, and Seltz on the Beach, a hard seltzer with coconut, pineapple, and mango. The Scotch 80’s Edinburgh is an 8% Scottish Ale made with an Edinburgh yeast which brings rich notes of caramel and toffee.

For those looking for a meal with their brew, food trucks are available at Neon Desert Brewing and all tables have a list of QR codes of nearby restaurants that deliver to the brewery.

Neon Desert Brewing. Company

914 S Main St.

Las Vegas, NV 89101


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