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Stars Are in Alignment at Astronomy Aleworks By Jack Bulavsky

The stars are definitely in alignment when enjoying the fresh craft beer brewed at Astronomy Aleworks! This family-owned business is brewing and serving unique craft beers in the famous Artisan Booze District in downtown Henderson, NV.

When asked about the significance of the name, Matt Brady, owner, president, and founder of Astronomy

Aleworks replied, “There’s no special significance to our name, I just like astronomy, space, and sci-fi." A family-owned business, Matt creates his brews with his father, a cousin, a childhood friend, and his head brewer, Marcos Lopez.

Like other craft brewers, Brady started brewing at home and the beer just kept getting better. He finally got to the point where it was decided that the beer should be shared with the public. Over the past three years, Astronomy Aleworks has developed a strong local following.

Astronomy Aleworks' most popular beers include their Golden Ale, Return of the Citra Rye, IPA, and Cheers to Breakfast Coffee Blonde. Each is a work of scientific principles that combine pure ingredients, exact measurements and inspiration.

When asked about the craft brew industry in Las Vegas, Brady replied, “Our beers keep getting attention and so do all the other craft breweries but, we’re fighting for attention against national conglomerate breweries. Still, there is plenty of room to grow here. There is a population of over two and half million in Southern Nevada, yet only about 19 craft breweries. I had a customer who visited from a city in Indiana with a population of 200,000 who told me there were 50 breweries there. Fifty! Southern Nevada doesn’t come close to that so that is why I believe there is still room for craft breweries to open and grow here.”

“One struggle that all breweries in the Las Vegas area face is regional bias,” said Brady. “So many people who now live in this area aren’t from Vegas. While it isn’t everyone, many people feel that ‘the best beer" comes from wherever they’re from, and they are hesitant to try the local products. Astronomy is convinced, along with other local breweries, that all they need is a shot and they’ll convince people that some of the finest beers in America are being produced here. In fact, for a town with only 19 breweries, it’s no small feat that three Great American Beer Fest medals were awarded in 2021 to local Las Vegas breweries.

Astronomy AstronomyAstronom draws many tourists at their Henderson brewery taproom as craft beer enthusiasts seek out new places that cater to their hobby. For visitors who can't make it all of the way out to Henderson, Astronomy Aleworks, has recently joined with fellow Henderson brewery, Mojave Brewing Company and Arts District tavern Three Sheets, to form the Mojave/ Astronomy Downtown Taproom, giving those tourists visiting downtown Las Vegas an opportunity to try their brews.

For those customers wanting a bite to eat with their brew, a variety of food trucks can often be found outside of Astronomy Aleworks.

Astronomy Aleworks

7350 Eastgate Rd.

Unit 170

Henderson, NV 89011

3 Sheets Craft Beer Bar

1115 S Casino Center Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89103

702 912-0590

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