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Craft Brew VEGAS

The Ultimate Guide to Craft Breweries
in Las Vegas and Southern Nevada 

Craft Brew Vegas features Las Vegas breweries’ local craft bars and the everchanging variety of local craft beers which they provide. We offer a dynamic venue allowing you to connect with these local brewers, visit their brew pubs, and sample some of Las Vegas' favorite beers!

Welcome to Craft Brew Vegas!

Craft Brew Vegas will connect you to the best brewers in Las Vegas, Henderson, and the southern Nevada region.  We will direct you to established breweries, as well as introduce you to new and upcoming craft brewers, still in their infancy.


The local map on our Venues page provides the perfect way for you to connect with local brewers. What a great opportunity for locals and visitors alike to expand their craft beer horizons by visiting our local brewers and trying out the never-ending array of craft beers being offered in Vegas!


At Craft Brew Vegas we offer local news, upcoming events, and updates to give you all the information you need about the Craft Beer Scene here in Vegas.


Come, sample our local brews, and enjoy!

Jim and Linda

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Craft Brew Frequently Asked Questions:


What is considered a craft beer?

Craft beer has been on the rise for many years now, and there are plenty of great reasons why you should be drinking it. More often than not when someone mentions "craft" or 'styles' in conversation they're referring to this type-of pale lager that isn't made by one those big corporations known as mega breweries!

What is craft beer vs normal beer?

Craft beers are different than regular beer in that they focus on quality over production cost. Craft breweries often have more limited distribution and sell their product at higher prices because the brewer cares about every detail of how it's made, from selecting specific grains for use during fermentation to controlling water temperature so you get rich flavors without too much bitterness or sweetness - this is what makes them worth drinking!

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