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Award-Winning Craft Brews From Tenaya Creek Brewery By Jack Bulavsky

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Tenaya creek brewery sign

Tim Etter, owner/brewer of Tenaya Creek Brewery, opened in 1999. One year later, his Hefeweizen won first place at the Las Vegas International Beer Festival. In 2002, he took home Gold for his European-style Pilsner at the Great American Beer Festival.

Etter’s list of freshly brewed, award-winning craft beers include Hop Ride, an India Pale Ale; Bonanza Brown Ale; Craft Pilsner; 702 Pale Ale; Gypsy Fade, an India Pale Ale (IPA); and Hauling Oats, an Oatmeal Stout.

“It’s been 23 years since I started Tenaya Creek, and the difference between now and then is that the demographics of those enjoying craft beers is more diverse than ever,” he said. “This demographic now includes all age groups, incomes and social backgrounds. There are so many people who want something new and are gravitating to craft beers and away from their more popular national brand.”

Attracting Local and Visiting Craft Beer Enthusiasts

Etter, a Las Vegas native, started his craft beer apprenticeship in Salt Lake City in 1993 before moving back home. He said Las Vegas remains a transient city, and those moving here bring their personal culture and taste.

“We now mirror what’s happening in the rest of the country,” he said. “Most craft beer devotees identify with a lager or IPA or beers that have a strong hops flavor. I know because these devotees will find you no matter where you’re located, and this is what they order. Our first store was about 10 miles west of the Strip, and many of our customers were from out of town. And it remains like that today even though we have moved.”

Inviting a World of Flavors for the Perfect Craft Beer Pairing

Etter said many craft brewers take established old-world beers and put their own spin on it by adding or using different combinations of hops or malts. He likens it to a chef who can make a variety of a variety of dishes, each with their own signature taste or flavor.

Tenaya Creek Brewery does not have a kitchen to feed its customers. Instead, Etter brings in food trucks every day. It might be Mexican one day, pizza the next, and then barbecue or a gourmet sandwich food truck.

“The food trucks outside our building make us unique,” he said. “Our customers want good, fresh food just like our good, fresh beer. We found that these food trucks put out a terrific product.”

Tenaya Creek Brewery craft beers can also be found at liquor and grocery stores throughout Southern Nevada.

Tenaya Creek Brewery

831 W Bonanza Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89106


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