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Bad Beat Brews up 2 Winners!

Updated: Oct 27, 2021

Bad Beat craft beer

"The Ringer" is a beautifully crafted version of a German style Pilsner, which I found wonderfully engaging from the first sip to the last. To quote Bad Beat Brewing, The Ringer is "All Pilsner malt with a touch of Munich, to add a little bit of rich toastiness"... I found it to be crisp and effervescent with a touch of citrus on the nose. As a fan of European Pilsners, I would heartily recommend The Ringer to anyone seeking an imported style Pilsner made right here in Las Vegas.

Bad Beat craft beer

Hoppy Times IPA

To pair with this West Coast IPA, we created a fiery Asian stir fry of shrimp and an assortment of vegetables, served with whole grain jasmine rice. The slight bitterness of the Hoppy Times IPA provided the perfect balance to the he heat of the stir fry. It's hoppy, pine, and citrus notes nicely rounded out the four typical flavor components of most Asian dishes: Salt, Sweet, Sour, and Bitter., and calmed the fifth component - Heat!

Hoppy Times IPA is a most enjoyable craft beer with notes of orange and pine, along with subtle hints of grapefruit, apricot and lime on the nose. Hoppy Times has a strong IPA character, delicious by itself, but its complexity and depth truly emerged,when paired with the multiple flavor notes present in spicy Asian fare!

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