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Bigger Stronger Juicier Hoppier! Able Baker Brewing Co. Bionic Duck Project Triple Hazy IPA!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Ready for lift-off, this triple hazy IPA will take you where no IPA has gone before!

I'm a lover of hazy IPAs, but I wasn't ready for the out of this world hoppiness of The Bionic Duck Project. With its aromatic citrus notes, pine notes, and triple dry-hopped juicy hop flavor, this is a beer to remember. It would be great with salty or spicy snacks, but difficult to pair with a meal. This is the beer to savor and enjoy while watching your favorite sport on your big screen or just sipping on your patio with friends.

Bionic Duck is beautiful when poured in a glass with its hazy color and bright lemony citrus aroma and creamy texture, mild bitterness, beautiful aromatic head, this is a beer for beer lovers.

Stop by Able Baker Brewing and try Bionic Duck a very drinkable beer, one that will become a favorite, I know it is for me.

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