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Craft Brewer's Guide to Customer Service

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

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There are a number of ways craft brewers go above and beyond for their customers, from events to food pairings. Here's a look at how craft breweries show their appreciation for craft beer lovers.

The craft brew industry has come a long way since the 1980's when craft beer started to gain more popularity. Back then craft brewers had to sell their own rights to distributors in order for them to get their product out into the market, which made it hard for craft brewers with limited capital to grow their operations. Today craft brewers partner with independent distributors that can help take craft beers across state lines and even across international borders. This is especially beneficial in states where craft brewers are not allowed to self-distribute, like Texas and Virginia.

Breweries all over America are expanding beyond just selling packaged beer in stores or at tasting events; many breweries now offer tours so customers can see how the magic happens, then sit down and enjoy craft beer right where it's made. At craft breweries like Russian River, Brooklyn Brewery and Goose Island you can even pick up a glass of one of their best craft beers while listening to live music performances or taking in some stand-up comedy after your brewery tour.

Some craft brewers offer specialty food pairings with their craft beers so customers can truly taste the difference. Deschutes Brewery offers craft beer dinners at its pub where each dish coming out is paired perfectly with an appropriate craft beer to bring out more complex flavors.

Banded Oak Brewing Co., located in Lakewood, Colorado, holds monthly events that allow craft beer lovers to not only enjoy great beer but meet the people who make it happen. Brewery founder Tyson Arp and owner Patrick Crawford believe craft beer is more than a hobby, it's a lifestyle.

Only craft breweries can truly make craft beer magic happen with their creativity, passion and dedication to the craft.

AleSmith Brewing Co., located in San Diego, California, has developed a cult-like following of craft beer lovers from all over who travel from near and far just to taste some of their craft beers. One fan even drove up from Arizona just to have a pint of AleSmith Speedway Stout at the company's new tasting room. After learning this fact co-owner Peter Zien decided to invite him back for another round so he could try something different on tap.

Craft brewers are always thinking of craft beer lovers when it comes to adding new craft beers to their lineup. Flying Fish Brewing Co., located in Somerdale, New Jersey, recently introduced Exit 1 - Bourbon Imperial Pumpkin Stout which was the first craft beer collaboration with a distillery. Brewery co-founder Gene Muller created this craft beer by fermenting its base imperial stout with pumpkins grown at the Hunterdon County, New Jersey farm where the distillery gets its grains for bourbon making. Muller then aged this craft beer in oak bourbon barrels which imparted flavors of vanilla and spice into the brew just like whiskey would do in traditional bourbon barrels.

Every October Stone Brewing Co., located in Escondido, California releases its craft beer Smoked Porter which is brewed with peat-smoked malt just like how craft brewers age their craft beers in bourbon barrels. Stone Brewery's craft beer portfolio also includes craft beers that are aged in wine, scotch or tequila barrels.

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