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Flavor Is Brewing at Nevada Brew Works By Jack Bulavsky

Updated: Feb 28, 2022

Single beer glass full

Ken Hallyburton is brewmaster at Nevada Brew Works in the Arts District downtown. He has a philosophy about the beer he brews.

“There’s no right way or wrong way to making beer,” he said. “There’s just your way.”

And his way works because Hallyburton knows there are so many subtle tastes and variants in making craft beer. He gets hops from Oregon and New Zealand and the water goes through a process that includes a water softener, carbon filter, and reverse osmosis that enables him to manage the hard minerals in Southern Nevada water.

Appealing to Personal Tastes

“We currently have 14 beers on tap,” he said. “My customers like something a bit different since everyone has a personal taste. That includes me. I like my beer dry, not overly hopped, and it has to be balanced. That’s why I brew beer with steam rather than from some type of fire system. It’s a nice dry beer without a heavy alcohol content and that’s what I like.”

And what Hallyburton likes is apparently what other people like. He has been brewing professionally since moving to Las Vegas from Chicago two years ago. He had been a home brewer for many years, and the idea of opening Nevada Brew Works was in the planning stages with his father-in-law for years.

Popular Beers at Nevada Brew Works

· NBW Lager is created with Hallertauer hops and dry hopped with Cascade hops.

· NBW Hefeweizen has aromas of banana and clover and is brewed with Bavarian yeast and Tettnang hops.

· Golden Blonde Ale is light and perfect for a Vegas summer afternoon on the patio.

· Ariana Rye IPA is a balanced, lightly hopped rye. A portion of proceeds from this beer are donated to local charities on behalf of the Ariana Rye Foundation, which helps families in need of medical equipment for their children with disabilities.

Bring Your Appetite, Too!

Hallyburton is proud that families come to Nevada Brew Works to eat.

“We have a simple, high-quality menu with salads, appetizers, sandwiches and brick oven pizza,” he said. “Our pizza dough is a three-day fermented dough that has a real depth of flavor, just like our beer. Our sandwiches are served on brioche buns with fries or onion rings. And our liquor license allows us to offer a cocktail menu featuring an extensive selection of bourbons.”

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Nevada Brew Works

1327 S. Main Street, Suite 160

Las Vegas, NV 89104


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