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North 5th Brewing Co. Russian Imperial Stout and NY Strip Out Of This World!

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Returning to North 5th Brewing Co. I was on a mission. I had a specific goal in mind... Bring home a howler of the Imperial Stout that we had tasted on their Grand Opening weekend to serve with a beautiful New York Strip that we had purchased online from Nebraska Star Beef. Having asked Amanda on our last visit about beer to go, I knew to bring my own howler jug (due to supply chain issues, they had not received their own bottles. You might want to check in with them on Facebook). After visiting with Amanda and Matt and enjoying a Northern Hazy IPA, they filled my howler with the bewitchingly dark Imperial March Russian Imperial Stout and headed for home.

Returning home, I fired up the Vision Kamado Grill to a smoking hot 500 degrees while Linda seasoned up the NY Strip with a tasty Prime Rib Rub. While the grill heated, I poured myself a glass of the Stout. Opaque, dark, almost syrupy, with slow rising bubbles and a creamy ivory head, the Imperial Stout was visually inviting. Notes of toasted bread, biscuit, dark caramel, along with a nice full body and 9% ABV led me to believe that this brew would be the perfect match for the well-seasoned NY Strip waiting to go on the grill. The stouts' chocolate malt, and roasted barley added flavors of coffee, chocolate and dark caramel, and the hoppy bitterness undercut the intense malty sweetness. I could hardly wait!

Once the grill had reached the desired 500 degrees, it was only a matter of minutes (3 per side for a total of 6 minutes!) before the steak was medium rare and ready to rest! With a baked potato, green salad, and crusty French bread, we sat down to a veritable feast. Having always enjoyed a bottle of good Cabernet with a steak, I was most interested in seeing how the Imperial Stout would pair with my favorite Sunday night meal. I have to say, I was not disappointed! The rich stout was a decent match to the savory richness of the fine Nebraska Star NY Strip. Linda especially liked the Stout with the crusty French bread! All in all, the meal was a success, and though we will continue to enjoy a good Cab with our steak, we look forward to also enjoying a good Stout with our grilled meats on occasion, as well!

North 5th Brewing Company

60 W Mayflower Avenue

North Las Vegas, NV


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