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Ramblin' Reck American Amber Ale from Chicago Brewing Company

Updated: Feb 22, 2022

Refreshing and enjoyable when paired with your favorite grilled or barbecued entrees!

Having just set up my new Vision Kamado Grill and eager to give it a try, I headed south to Chicago Brewing Company with my empty growler in search of a brew fitting of our inaugural lighting of said barbecue grill. Arriving at Chicago Brewing Company, I was happy to see an American Amber Ale on their list of handcrafted beers. American Amber is one of my favorites, and I've enjoyed it with many a meal hot off of the grill. After sampling a Ramblin' Reck American Amber Ale at CBC, I happily ordered up a growler to go. With its gorgeous amber color, flavor notes of toffee, nuts, resin & citrus, a light malty sweetness and a hop aroma (without being too hoppy), Ramblin' Reck would be the perfect beer to pair with the meal I was planning for my brother, Mike!

We had been reminiscing about the good old days, as we always do when he comes for a visit, this time about a flavor bomb from our youth, the "Chili Size". For those of you too young to remember, the Chili Size, once a diner staple, is simply a grilled burger, smothered with Chili, topped with onions and cheddar cheese, and served up with a knife and fork, being far too messy to eat out of hand! Yes, I know it sounds like a glorified chili cheeseburger, (and in a way, it is) but a Chili Size goes way beyond any cheeseburger you've ever eaten!

Firing up the new grill to a sizzling 500 degrees, we grilled 1/2 lb. patties of 80/20 ground chuck mixed with 85/15 ground round, seasoned only with salt and pepper, to a juicy medium. Served on crispy toasted Bollilo rolls with a slice of cheddar, a generous ladle of Linda's red hot homemade chili, and a slice of red onion, with frosty glasses of Amber Ale to quell the heat, the Chili Size more than lived up to our memories. With its moderate hopping and balanced flavors, Ramblin' Reck was the perfect complement to this Retro Blast from the Past!

2201 S Fort Apache Rd.

Las Vegas, NV 89117

702 254-3333

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