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Scenic Brewing Company Tangerine Hefeweizen

Updated: May 3, 2022

Stopping by Scenic Brewing Company one recent Saturday for lunch and a brew, I ordered their Black Bean Burger paired with a Tangerine Wheat, a Hefeweizen style craft brew. The spicy black bean burger was one of the best I’ve had, and the crisp, yet tender broccolini was a surprisingly delicious side (not to mention their complimentary house made chips!). Having enjoyed my lunch and the Tangerine Wheat, I decided to take home a howler to sample it and do our own food pairing on Sunday.

The hazy amber glow and large foam cap make this Hefeweizen a truly beautiful pour.

“Hefeweizen”, from the German “hefe” which refers to the suspension of yeast in the beer (giving it its cloudy appearance) and “weizen” meaning wheat, is a delightfully effervescent beer with, both distinctive fruit and spice notes. This light, fruit and spice forward brew pairs well with lighter foods such as salads, seafood, and fresh cheeses, and is a perfect foil for spicier dishes, as well.

Scenic's wonderfully effervescent Tangerine Wheat, with its smooth and creamy mouthfeel and aromas of clove and tangerine, called out for a dish that was a bit spicy, a bit sweet, and with a hint of citrus. Looking through our pantry and sizing up the contents of our freezer, my lovely wife, Linda, started pulling out ingredients to make her spicy grilled shrimp…shell on wild caught Argentinian pink shrimp, red, green, and yellow sweet peppers, pungent garlic and red onion, extra virgin olive oil, lemons, limes, and both crushed chiles and Aleppo pepper. Marinating the shrimp in olive oil with lemon juice, the garlic, and both pepper flakes, as well as sea salt and fresh ground pepper while the grill heated gave the shrimp plenty of time to absorb their flavors. A quick chop of the peppers and onions with another splash of EVOO, salt and pepper, and the meal was ready to go on the grill.

With a squeeze of fresh lime juice, the grilled shrimp and vegies were ready to serve with our howler of Hefeweizen. Light, yet satisfying, citrusy, spicy and a bit sweet from the caramelized vegetables, this was indeed an excellent meal when paired with Scenic Brewing Company’s Tangerine Wheat Beer!

With its moderate alcohol content of 6% ABV and spirited personality this beer is drinkable any time of year. Stop in at SBC to sample their ever-changing variety of fine craft beers. Dine in, or take home a growler to enjoy!

Scenic Brewing Company 8410 W. Desert Inn Las Vegas, NV 89117 (Across from Desert Breeze Park) Monday - Friday 11AM - 10PM Saturday - Sunday 9AM - 10PM

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