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The brewing of craft beer is one of the fastest-growing craft businesses in the United States, and Vegas's own craft brewers are having significant growth years! These brewers specialize in creating their own take on a variety of handcrafted beer varieties. These custom-made creations provide an ever-changing variety of great tasting and unique brews. Embracing new technologies, craft brewers are finding new ways to engage with their customers and develop loyal fan bases. Our goal at Craft Brew Vegas is to offer local brewers, their fans, as well as those visiting Las Vegas the perfect way to connect!

Our content is designed for both locals as well as those visiting (or interested in) Las Vegas. We offer a taste of what our local brewers are currently serving, as we pair their brews with food specifically created for that specific beer. If you have questions about local brewers and their offerings, let us know. We welcome suggestions for blog posts you would like to see, local brews you have tried and liked, or any new brewers you might have discovered! (New craft breweries are popping up all the time, and we would love to let our viewers in on your “secret”!)  


We hope you enjoy following our blogs, and please feel free to share them on social media (but please link back to us as the source!)


Jim & Linda

Craft Brew Vegas

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